5 Common Questions Your Hotel Website Must Answer

Your website is your online salesperson. When a new customer calls you or visits you in person they ask an initial question, and you answer it. They ask more questions and you answer until they’re satisfied with what you have to say and they become a customer. Your website needs to do the same.
Here are 5 questions every hotel must answer on their website.

1. Where is Your Hotel?

Most people looking for hotels are traveling, either for holiday, business trip, honeymoon, etc. They would be interested to know where you are located in order to determine how far it is from where they currently are. It will also be helpful for them to know how much travel they will have to do when they stay at your hotel.

To answer these questions,
• Include a map feature from Google Maps to help them quickly check how far it is from their destination.
• Include a description of how far your hotel is from popular destinations e.g. a 10-minute drive from the local airport.

2. What Does Your Hotel Look Like?

People want to know what your hotel looks like. They can read about your hotel and hear about it from friends, but they want to see it with their own eyes.

Take nice photos of the hotel (in different angles and perspectives) including the rooms and other facilities and put them on your website. Consider using the services of a professional photographer. It pays off.

In addition to images, use videos. And not just standard videos, experiment with 360-degree videos

3. What Kind Of Rooms Do You Have?

Again you  can use photos and videos to answer this question, but it’s also important to spell it out in text. Give a good description of each room type you offer.

People will have a general idea of what room they want and they’ll want to see if you offer it. They’ll also be curious if there is an option better suited for them than what they have in mind.

4. What Is Your Reputation?

Answer this question with testimonials. If you’re targeting business clients you could even use logos of the companies that have used your hotel for their employees.
This helps to prove to your potential customers that you’re a trusted hotel. It’s hard work for people to fully research a hotel so they look for cues like social proof to help them with their decision. If you do not have a TripAdvisor page in place, create one and encourage your visitors to drop their reviews.

5. How Do I Book A Room?

You don’t want to answer the above questions only to confuse the visitor when they are ready to book a room. Provide your phone number on every page in a place where it’s easy to see. People still like to call to make reservations.
And if you have online booking make sure that it’s easy to spot. When your visitors are ready to purchase you want them to have an easy time contacting you.

Other questions worth answering are:

• Do you host conferences, weddings, etc?
• Do you allow pets?
• Are you kid friendly?


If you need help with your website or simply want to increase your bookings, talk to us and we’ll be happy to help you out.